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What's Your #1 Energy "Thief"? Quiz

Many of us feel the energy drain that takes the joy out of life. There are several main reasons for this. Would you like to look into what your major energy thief could be? Take our quiz and see for yourself?



"If you don't learn to say no your way, you will say yes the others' way."

"Everybody's got things that have to be shattered. It doesn't matter whether you've been in this a long time or you just arrived. Everybody has stuff that's waiting to be shattered. The more intelligent you are, the easier it is to rationalize and protect and defend those very barriers that need to be shattered."


How Can We Help You?

Knowledge is POWER. Experience is IMPORTANT. Experimenting with and Experiencing the Knowledge is GOLDEN RATIO. There are many ways Human Design System body of knowledge can be useful. From understanding ourselves and our nature to interactions with people and business.

Everything, in the end, comes back to nature - be it Human Nature or Nature Nature. If we start grasping what our nature is like, we can start filtering what is not a part of that nature. It is like Going Green. It is about utilizing our nature to get at OPTIMUM performance without SIDE EFFECTS that are harmful.

One-on-one Consulting

Even though we show care to all of our clients, one-on-one has always a different vibe to it. If you are interested, click below.

Group Programs

We have many group workshops & also year long programs. Some are live online, others on LMS structure with Q&As integrated into the process. 

Digital Products

Currently, we are developing some digital reports as well. If you are interested you might get into our waiting list to get notified when they start to come.


There are many tools within our hands to help you understand your Design Characteristics. The clearer you see, the clearer life is.


There are a variety of workshops that will be made available. Each one is designed to increase a person's self awareness.

Setting the Foundation

Hey, you cannot build a skyscraper without a sound foundation. Everything starts with the first stones.


Well, the secret to relations? Respect, awareness, conscious approach to the other person that comes from knowing.

Business Life

Material success is what this is about. Businesses can be restructured and understood in a very fundamental way. 

Help & Support

Everyone needs to get a better grasp of the roots of "things". Sometimes it just needs a different perspective to SEE.


Our FUTURE and the biggest RESOURCE. Do we know how to get optimum ROI? Every child is a delicate and unique process.


Do you know your corporate strengths and weaknesses? Do you belong to a small company or an enterprise?


Real SELF discovery is a priceless and also the HUGEST! adventure of your life. Also the Best and probably the healthiest one.

Ayse Tekbas

Ayşe is an IHDS certified Human Design System Professional since 2013 on a wide range of topics. She has an MBA, Bachelor of Science Degree in Managerial Engineering and Associate Degree as Veterinary Assistant and has been guiding people on Human Design way of looking into things in life. She enjoys and looks forward to sharing her knowledge so you can walk your own path and live as a differentiated and self-loving person.


  • Living Your Design Guide  (Foundation Level I)
  • Rave ABC Teacher (Foundation Level II)
  • Rave Cartography Teacher (Foundation Level III)
  • Variable Transformation Teacher
  • Living Your Design Guide Trainer
  • PTL 1 (Professional Analyst 1) Teacher

  • Professional Rave Analyst
  • Relationship Analyst
  • Cycle Analyst
  • Incarnation Cross Analyst
  • Dream Rave Analyst
  • Rave Sociologist
  • Differentiation Degree Practitioner (PHS & RP)
  • Child Development Specialist

    • BG5 Business Engineering and Consultancy
    • OC16 Business Engineering and Consultancy

    (Summary: This is about Teams and Big Organizations, their needs for restructuring for success, dynamics and conflict management for team members and leaders, identifying natural talents, Management and Leadership Consultancy based on our birth characteristics. How these genetic structure can be beneficially managed by people)