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Riding the Emotional Waves - Live at 2PM GMT on July 17, 2022

Learn to Handle Emotional Roller Coaster Ride

A LIVE Exclusive Half-Day Riding The Emotional Waves Workshop

*NOTE: 100% of the proceeds are being donated to Patiparkpaw to support no kill animal shelter focused on medical care, rehabilitation and rehousing of abandoned paws.

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Instead of Spending Months or Years Mastering the Art of Riding the Emotional Waves to Cope with the Broadcasted Ups and Downs... Learn the Formula in JUST THREE HOURS

Here's What You'll Get at the Riding the Emotional Waves Workshop:

  • LIVE 3-Hour Virtual Training Experience. I'll be teaching this workshop LIVE, so you'll be able to ask your questions and see exactly how it works.
  • Identify which type of Emotional Wave(s) you have natural affinity with and which one(s) are outside impact.
  • How to be on your way to manage these Emotional Frequecies that has an effect on your daily life - for better or worse. There're certain antidote behavior patterns that can help you manage the Emotional Frequencies in a much healthier way and successfully.
  • 3 Types of Emotional Waves. What feeds them and make them roar or keep them cool and collected
  • Find your way to cope case by case - your way. I'll walk you through the process step-by-step
  • Examples of cases that can inspire you to manage the Emotional Waves.
  • And Much More!

Here's How to Get Access Today

  • 3 Hours of LIVE Interactive Training: Join me on Zoom for 3 hours of training (discover the shortcuts that replaces YEARS searched for solutions)
  • Access to the Recordings When You Attend the Entire Workshop LIVE (You must attend the entire workshop to get the recordings for free)
  • Or, if you can't make the entire session, you can pre-purchase a 14-day pass to watch the recordings separately below
  • NOTE: Because this is a LIVE event and we are donating the proceed to Charity there will be NO REFUNDS for the event or the recordings
  • Some Special Bonuses and Surprises That I will be Sharing Along the Way

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