I Help People Find Ways To Overcome The Energy Thieves In Their Lives, So They Can Live Their Lives With The Joy They Deserve.

I am IHDS certified Human Design Teacher and Consultant and firm believer in living our True Self is the way to reclaim our joy in life and relations.

My Story

Ayşe is an IHDS certified Human Design System Professional since 2013 on a wide range of topics. She has an MBA, Bachelor of Science Degree in Managerial Engineering and Associate Degree as Veterinary Assistant and has been guiding people on Human Design way of looking into things in life . She enjoys and looks forward to sharing her knowledge so you can walk your own path and live as a differentiated and self-loving person.

My Journey

Even though, technically as a Role Model (6/2 profile - life masks) person, my life is 3 part...

I tend to divide my life into 2 segments. Before and After Human Design.


  • I paid a lot of attention to what others thought of me, what the needs of others were.
  • I was deeply workaholic and I felt highly unappreciated.
  • I felt very depressed, I was not valuing myself properly.
  • I was becoming steadily a shop-aholic.
  • I was ready to blow a gasket at the drop of a hat. But hey I was not "emotional".
  • Oh... Let's not forget the nights I secretly wept in my bed before going to sleep,
    to restart the whole routine the next day.
  • As a result, I was a wreck. I think I hated myself - I definitely did not love myself. My mode of communication was mostly set on aggressive or more aggressive.


  • I don't pay attention to when others mention what they believe to be the "correct" way to live my life, I trust my inner compass.
  • I can still be workaholic but I love what I do and feel satisfaction and peace.
  • The way I was - ready to chew others out - is a mysterious legend that was laid to sleep.
  • I buy only what I need.
  • I am comfortable.
  • Even though I sometimes feel a very tiny portion of previous junk is trying to peek through, I don't pay attention to it.

It took some time to reach from before to after, but it was worth every second of it. I love my TRUE-SELF, enjoy looking into its eyes and I believe every one of us deserves the same respect we are capable of showing ourselves.

And here I am, sharing what I learned and what this body of knowledge is capable of giving us. I believe in Walking the Talk. If you are not, then you are lying at yourself and about your energy.

Give yourself the biggest gift and BE YOURSELF.

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They are my intake on what Human Design System is trying to tell us and how I see and or experience things. So they are a peek from my window and movie.

Why work with Me

IHDS Certifıed professıonal

IHDS is the certifying authority on Human Design System. I am IHDS certified in a wide range of services. It is important to be sure of this, because if you get serious about becoming a professional, you need to go through each and every step designed by IHDS and being trained by (training topic) Certified IHDS Professional is a must for quality reasons.


My thought process when passing my knowledge forward is very logical. I like to explain things with examples and also share the pain points that can cause problems through the journey. Also I love sharing my nuggets of practical tools and ideas that works for many people.

I'm Here to GUIDE

Rediscovering your True Self is a journey only you can take. Every person's journey is different, the non-working structures to tear down varies by conditioning and design of that person's. I have been on my own True Self Journey for some time now. It lasts lifetime. Living through the Journey helps me to guide you through the pitfalls while we go through the programs, but YOU ARE THE ONE TO WALK YOUR OWN PATH WITH PERSEVERANCE. That is the only way. There is no one magical pill and "POOF" things go away. I wish there was as people are asking about this again and again. It is a process and if I were you I would not miss it. I loved every bit of discovery and awareness I got through my own path, so you can also.


What's Your #1 Energy "Thief"

Everyone can have behaviors that result in depleted energy sources. The most frequently seen 3 is the topic of our quiz. Which one can be your major energy leak?