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Be Yourself - Unlock Your Inner Potential

Ever felt unappreciated, overworked and out-of-joy, then you have some behavior patterns and habits that are working against you and in this training, you’ll start to learn ways to recognize them and manage them.

Be Yourself: Unlock Your Inner Potential is a transformational course.

The material presented will help the person to embark on a journey. In this journey, the destination is self-acceptance and self-love. The principles shared are applicable to all aspects of life.

  • You may look for satisfaction, success or peace in your life, yet again and again suffer from frustration, bitterness or anger.
  • You may have repeating cycles that baffle you.
  • You may have tried various methods to “handle” those issues. Yet most of the time, the cure you tried turns up to be a band-aid. No real solution.
  • You may feel under-appreciated and even unloved.
  • You may be your own worst critic.

The list can be a mile long.

Everyone may have different problems. Yet, the sources are so similar.

You’ll find many tips on what they’re in the course.

This course is compact in size (about 8 hours). But it will create many Ah-ha moments. Also it will start the awareness journey based on person’s unique characteristics.

Have you ever wondered

  • How you're pulled into issues?
  • Why you don't have the time or the energy for the things you want to do?
  • Why you feel so frustrated, bitter or angry?
  • Why you have so many repeating cycles in your life?

At the end of the course, you’ll have basic understanding of the root causes of all these and more. Also, you will have the basic tools that will enable you to experiment with the knowledge. Experimentation is everything that will create the base for cellular transformation.


You’ll also get BONUS – “Answer to Most Frequently Asked Questions“ in pdf form. This pdf will be prepared as a response to Super Stack clients’ questions and will become available in the course area and announced when they are ready.

Are you ready to uncover your inner potential?

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Feeling drained and have problems in many aspects of your lives .

You are tired of repeated cycles of behaviors that create problems – even if you cannot recognize them or their source.

This is a starter level work. Aim is to help people see the source patterns of the problems.

Ready to learn?

Be Yourself - Unlock Your Inner Potential

About Aysem

Ayse Banu Tekbas is an IHDS certified Human Design System Professional since 2013 on a wide range of topics including Professional Teaching Levels, Business Consultancy, Transformational Levels, Child Development. She has helped many people start on their unique self-discovery journey and break down energy draining behavior patterns.She has an MBA, Bachelor of Science Degree in Managerial Engineering and Associate Degree as Veterinary Assistant (dog mommy of two) and has been guiding people on Human Design way of looking into things in life . She enjoys and looks forward to sharing her knowledge so you can walk your own path and live as a differentiated and self-loving person.

There is a minority of professionals

There is a minority of professionals in every field of work, which are, among being dedicated and exceptionally good in what they do, also different in their approach towards time, and life in general.
These people, my role models, do not try to fit more into their life than it can contain at ease... Quite the opposite, they consciously leave space and reach a quality of enhanced presence, silence and speciousness. They reach a certain flexibility in and for life, and even perceptiveness for the unexpected, so does their way of working.
Working with them, It gives me as the receiver of their service, so much more pleasure...
Ayse Tekbas belongs to this group in my judgement and experience.

Ardahan Akdemir

To know your design means knowing yourself

“To know your design means knowing yourself. By taking this step I started to see what surrounds my true self, enabling me to demolish those patterns and get acquainted with, understand, and forgive myself. This powered me with real self love.”

O. Kaplan

takes the basic dynamics upside down

This work just takes the basic dynamics upside down. It reminds us not to get angry with ourselves and others. It helps us to figure out the behaviors dubbed as unchangeable and you may even be surprised to learn its source may not even be you. It helps to calm down and relax.


Our journeys

We go through inner and outer journeys in life. To be aligned with ourselves in those journeys, it's essential to know ourselves. Ayse is very successful as a guide and I am grateful for her contribution.


Ready to learn?

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