We provide a wide range of Human Design System based services - workshops, trainings, professional trainings, consultations and analysis.

Be it personal nature or business nature, Human Design System has practical applications

Some are structured in a certain way due to practical reasons and some are very flexible to accommodate the other party in covering their needs and search for solutions.

So take a look at our services listed on our website, and if you cannot find one that seems to cover your questions please send us a message through our contact page, as we may not always list all of our products or services, but can serve you on one-on-one basis.

How we CAN help you?

We use Human Design System as a base for our services. Why?


  • It is practical
  • It has a wide range of application (so it covers lots of fields and topics)
  • It is insightful
  • It is logical and scientific in nature
  • It just pulls the blinders off the eyes - pretty fast if you listen
  • In business side, it is not out for your business secrets, but how your people are structured
  • Basically where there is a Human, there are Human Dynamics and this is what Human Design System is about - plain and simple


This is an adventure less walked. We help you take a look at who you are with new eyes and seeing is living is changing.


Are you a company needing a makeover? Are you someone who feel the need to shake up things for a bit and reshape?


If you don't understand the source well enough, you cannot become aware of the real problem, and it builds up to... :(


Hey, that is the key to everything. In a fast paced world, we always search for practicality and HDS is abour experimenting and being practical.


If there is one thing that we value most is setting up a strong foundation. We are here to help you take the baby steps to build your running muscles.


We do this work for ourselves - it is very satisfying. Yet we are aware this is about you, how you can prevent pitfalls and become your own coach in life journey.


Self Journey

52 week True Self discovery journey

Living Your Design

Foundation Level I

Transformation for the Serious Seeker

The Two Transformational Processes (LYD & Radical Transformation Workshops) with other workshops are combined into the powerful program - 52 weeks long journey

Radical Transformation Workshops


Ready to dive deep, get your tools, we are getting adventurous.

Child Development Analysis Package

Rave ABC

Foundation Level II

Rave Cartography

Foundation Level III

Career Analysis

What's Your #1 Energy "Thief"? Quiz

Which one of the three frequently seen energy drain factor is your thief?