In this section, you can find our products that can be categorized as Programs. Please pay attention to the PREREQUISITES to prevent service cancellation. There is a certain flow to the services given based on where you are at Self Discovery with Human Design System process. Even though Programs are designed to integrate this flow, there might be some that are totally advanced, hence has some conditions.

Self Journey Masterclass

52 weeks Self Discovery Journey. If you are ready for meeting your True Self, join us in this adventure.

This program is mostly focused on surface transformation, which is very vital. It is about crushing down what needs to be crushed down.

Pre-requisite: None

Transformation for the Serious Seeker Masterclass

In Self Journey, most of our focus is on transformation through the surface. Yet, if you are a really dedicated Seeker who does not want to leave no stones unturned, well this might be more for your teeth. Self Journey Program + Radical Transformation Workshops + one-on-one consultation sessions. Well, are you ready to get busy? 

Pre-requisite: None

What's Your #1 Energy "Thief"? Quiz

Which one of the three frequently seen energy drain factor is your thief?