Bust Your Energy "Thieves"

Date & timeS :

02 December2021, Thursday

02.00  PM GMT


You missed out!

What You’ll learn in this webinar:

In my “Bust Your Energy Thieves” Free Online Training, I cover all 3 of the unconscious mental beliefs that are referred to in the quiz and the exact process to re-wire the thinking that is most likely sabotaging your energy balance. You’ll discover the 3 energy mistakes you can change TODAY that will immediately shift you towards welcoming more joy and energy into your life. Even if you found one belief to be more dominant, it does not mean that you won't benefit from learning about the others - even though they might not be valid 100% for you.

This is live session. I will be there with you for real. (Trust me if it is evergreen type, I will tell you so you know in advance.)

No replays planned at the moment. But some recorded webinars can be served as evergreen for people the time zone does not work. Which will be mentioned on registration page.

You will look at certain behaviors from a different perspective. For some people this might be the all that is required. I will talk about it in the webinar.

I assume you have gone through the quiz, so you have a basic idea what this webinar could be about.

I like giving simple examples to make things clearer. Even though we can relate to knowledge, we relate more to experience.

This is not only about you. It is about your loved ones and friends. Because what we live, we reflect into out relations.

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Your Webinar Host:

Ayşe Tekbaş

Ayşe is an IHDS certified Human Design System Professional since 2013 on a wide range of topics. She has an MBA, Bachelor of Science Degree in Managerial Engineering and Associate Degree as Veterinary Assistant and has been guiding people on Human Design way of looking into things in life . She enjoys and looks forward to sharing her knowledge so you can walk your own path and live as a differentiated and self-loving person.

Reserve your seat now and join us live for the webinar that will change the way you think about your energy and actions.